I confirmed my accommodations and I’m all good for the 2 weeks after I get there, then between Sept 7 and 21! 😃 So at most I will need to figure out what to do with 2-3 weeks… I think that can be managed… I don’t want to make other commitments instead if I want to stay somewhere longer, go somewhere different etc. 

For some reason it’s becoming difficult to commit to say I’m only going to stay in a location for a certain time. I don’t feel like doing that at the moment, if I want to commit to a destination and duration I can do that while I’m in Vava’u or on a beach in Bora Bora or something. haha. 
Got an OK with VEPA! I cant wait to be there now. 🙂 confirmed place to stay, contacted people who are working on the same cause. 
Will be doing my humpback whale swim with Tonga Adventures and dives with Dolphin Pacific! 
It’s turning out great – Im finding out that by coincidence a number of conservationists, bloggers and photographers will also be in Vavau at the same time! Nadia from Scuba Diver Life and Scott with Tonga fluke collective are just two that I am looking forward to see there! 🙂 
Meanwhile in this vast city- sent an email to delivery.com about creating a system for us to be able to tell whether a restaurant delivers their food in styrofoam or in plastic or provide other options. Got one good response – they might look at this as a good tool. 
Also contacted grubhub for the same, havent received a good response yet, but I keep pushing. 
We have the plastic bag recycling now in complete motion and acceptance in our building and neighborhood. 500+ tenants! That’s a decent win! 

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