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Socorro. What a sight. Woke up at 430 greeted by a perfect full moon right over the rock/mountain formation. Geronimo and Ted were already up and getting the boat ready for our early dives. Clearing the dive deck, getting the zodiacs on the water, filling the tanks, making sure everything is in top shape.

Early risers this morning – Patrick, Jean Francois and Anna got to see the moon and take pictures of the perfect moment it went behind the rock as the sun was rising behind us. 

Coffee time followed by an exciting hour anticipating the dives with the beautiful mantas, sharks and dolphins. 

First dive was absolutely amazing. 3-4 giant mantas flying by, coming down towards us and ascending just in time to enjoy our bubbles. Their favorite thing is a bubble bath! 😉 The visibility wasnt too great, due to the full moon, lots of activity in the water. Then we were greeted by the sighting of 10-15 schooling hammerheads in the distance in the deep blue. They only came close enough for us to see their form, then disappeared quickly back into the blue, half the group not seeing them at all. Didnt matter we had a 7ft Galapagos right by us, coming very very close until he saw the cameras. We did get a few good shots of him, and still due to depth and visibility not everybody saw him. 

A nice relaxing leisurely surface time and it was time for dive 2. Dropped in at the same spot in Cabo Pearce and wow – in just over an hour the currents had picked-up so much. We were holding on to the rocks to be able to stay over the reef. The mantas were plenty but still visibility not good enough to get great shots. The dive was shorter. No dolphins.

I didnt want to fight the currents and sat out the third dive, instead joined Pascal and Elaine for snorkeling around the wall of the island. Beautiful seascape, the formation below the island as awe inspiring as above. Some fallen rocks and corals lava fingers, canyons and cave like insets. Many puffer fish, lots of box fish, clarion angel fish, etc. No mantas or dolphins but saw two white tip reef sharks. Of course when the team was back from the dive they reported dolphins! 🐬 It’s the law. You sit out one dive and they’ll be there. Michel bragging and bragging about how one of them just kept coming to his dome. But it was a short encounter. So meh. 😜

Then we went through the Mexican navy check and headed to San Benedicto. The ride over was the most fun anybody ever had on a boat. Sandra and I DJing over the top deck speakers, dancing 💃🏻 and just enjoying life with the entire team. The wind beautiful, the sun at a perfect angle and the sea just as calm as it should be. Great times. 

Tomorrow we dive San Benedicto – likely the canyon first then the Boiler. Last dives of the trip… that’s where all the dolphins are waiting for us. 

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