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Alternatives to Other Single Use Items in Our Daily Lives

Plastics washed up on on Vava’u Tonga 2016
When we were on Clipperton – looking at all the plastic bottles, spoons etc. we were also kept in wonder about how much of the stuff we use actually don’t make it all the way out there. Either because they end up as unidentifiable microplastics or in the stomach of some unsuspecting magical sea creature we’ve never seen. 
According to statistics and research – the average time that a single use plastic item is useful to us is 11 minutes. Surely, some are longer, maybe it takes you a few hours to sip through your cold coffee. But then when you buy a to go sandwich from the local deli or from Subway that plastic bag is only used until you get to your desk. Then it’s trash – mind as well never existed. Purpose served. Just to continue to exist for the rest of time somewhere on earth. 
In my previous blog posts I already covered a few of the more common single use plastics – Plastics at the Grocery Store and Alternatives to Single Use Plastics in Our Day to Day. Now I’m moving to other types that we use around the house that we don’t really think about. 
So here are some alternatives to continue our convenient life styles without harming the environment and unsuspecting creatures. 
Ziploc Bags
Lunchskins – these are really awesome! 100% recyclable and washable. Very versatile too, because they have fabric exteriors. 
If for whatever reason you must have “single use” options they also have the ones that are recyclable paper. 
Saran Wrap
Personally – I almost always favored foil over plastic on this one, and still reusable is best. 
Abeego Bee’s Wax food storage flats. Just my absolute favorite thing. CAuse you can wash them over and over and over and over… and keep using the same. Get a few of them for sure, I find myself using the medium size constantly. It is very convenient to use to cover any of my dishes etc. For larger dishes they also have a Large and XL size as well as a bread size. 
What other products do you find yourself using plastics of that you’d look to find alternatives?

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you have any specific questions and suggestions. Stay with love with mother nature and our beautiful blue and wishing you a plastic free day! 💙🐬💙


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