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Alternatives to Single use Plastics in our Day to day

Alternatives to Single use Plastics in our Day to day

Going plastic free is perfectly possible while enjoying life’s and civilization’s offerings. Our focus needs to switch to our consuming habits. The movement moves the power to us, consumers, and ties into being empowered through the impact we have with each purchase we make.

We have the power by asking questions. Knowing the power we have with the information available at our fingertips. If we don’t buy a product and create demand – manufacturers will not produce them – especially not in quantities that are being produced today. So REFUSE plastic products.
Plastic-free Alternatives
There are alternative sustainable, eco-friendly products
that contain either no, or minimal, plastic components. Afterall, each plastic component will somehow end up in waste being so difficult to recover, recycle and reuse.
Below are some alternatives, categorized by use, with links to product pages on Amazon:
Water bottles & tumblers:
Having a plastic one is of course better than using the single use bottles in stores and shops. However, consider that once you are done with it, it is still plastic – and just because there is no BPA in them do not mean that they are “harmless” to us consumers. They are less harmful, but not harmless.
Reusable utensil sets
Reusable straws: 
Reusable travel cups
Reusable cup lids: 
Universal cup lid – this is especially useful for kids!
If every one who is reading this spread this word and contaminated all their friends into using these reusable components rather than single use, we would make SUCH a huge difference in SUCH little time. Let’s spread our passion for the ocean, our environment and our planet’s future.
Let’s get going!
Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you have any specific questions and suggestions.
Stay with love with mother nature and our beautiful blue and wishing you a plastic free day! 💙🐬💙

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