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Back in Bonaire

Good morning Bonaire! 🙂 

Back in Bonaire since Sunday. Will be here until the 16th participating in the Debris Cleanup dive, Lionfish hunting and plastic recycling discussions with local authorities. 
Will be doing my Lionfish Hunter certification today so I can spear lionfish in the protected marine parks too! 🙂 
The course will take a full day, so I am really excited about it. 
Yesterday I was on Klein for a few hours and managed to pick up a bag and a half full of plastics that were dumped onto the beach by the ocean. Some were likely left there by visitors – cigarette butts, cookie wrappers etc. 
Not sure why people have to be so insensitive. The island, that is part of the protected national marine park, is a major nesting site for hawkbill turtles. Signs are posted everywhere, and trash and recycling bins are provided at the boarding zone. I will go again and take photos. 
The day before I visited the Lac Cai area thinking I’d be able to cleanup some
Beach debris. But apparently there was a team of people out there on Saturday cleaning up, it wasnt nearly what it was when I saw it back in December where two of us had cleared 20 bags in about an hour. I will go back tomorrow and see how it is and post photos too.

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