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California Coastal Drive – Malibu to San Diego Part 1

It’s actually my Day 2 on the California coast – but I went back and retracted my steps from Sunday to go up a little more north before continuing south from Santa Monica.
The Malibu coast is truly unbelievable.
Had my first whale encounter!! And just driving down the highway… Imagine – look out the window onto the ocean just to see the whales! 🙂 They truly are amazing. Huge, yes. But also beautiful to watch, the rhythm they follow as they are swimming past, it’s meditative. I got a couple of shots, but not too many. Will try more of them later down the coast around Long Beach.
Maybe stop by and take a whale watching trip. 🙂

El Matador Beach – 5 Stars!
It was a very windy day and friggin cold! Yes COLD. Nope not chilly, COLD. I had my sweatshirt on and two layers underneath and I was still cold. Not sure how high the winds were, but as soon as I touched the handle on my car door the wind did the rest and opened it all the way… Careful when parking at the top, make sure to leave plenty of space between you and the next car, well at least on windy days.
The “hike” down is ok. I had my sandals on and though certain places were a bit unsure, it was good. Though if the ground is wet, I can imagine that sand must be very slippery. Runners or hiking shoes recommended. I was wowed at every turn I took and every time I looked out. The sea was especially “angry” at that point. But the rocks at the bottom. Through the sun. Unfortunately it was a hazy day, so I couldn’t get great shots, but they are still as great as I can wish them to be.

If that’s not a wow, what is? Love the earth I walk on. 

Zuma Beach – 5 Stars –
Just off the highway… there is no way not to stop here and get shots.

This shot is just after Zuma Beach – but the only one I got on my phone. So hold tight for the ‘real’ ones. 
Kind of a half post but there you have it. 🙂 At least Im blogging.
Promise for more tomorrow. Im now in Laguna Beach and I think I found paradise! 

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