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Clipperton Expedition Day 11

A day at sea. A rocking sea. We have 20-30ft swells. Not too often, but still many times we see the boat climb a wave then plunge down the other side. A beautiful feeling. When you walk out on the dive deck and feel like the ocean is standing above you, a humbling reminder to who’s boss. Still, the waves are coming our way and not hitting us on the side, so grateful for that. 

Everybody slept very well last night, one added bonus to the long rocky boat days it seems.

The rocking motion even has me sleeping 6-7hours! The beds being so comfortable of course is another huge bonus. 

I spent most of the day on the sun deck above with fresh ocean air, watching the birds and the waves. Something I will not be able to do in NYC. Joined at different times by the rest of the team. Watching the birds, reading and staring into the endless big blue surrounding us. The birds decided that I’d been with them too long for staying so clean, so they obligingly pooped on me twice as I was just laying there listening to music. 🐦 😂 The air in the salon gets stuffy fast with 18 people breathing, the kind of air I can find anywhere in NYC, so it’s at the bottom of my ‘places to be on the boat’ list. 😉 

Showering on a rocky boat… hope everybody gets a chance to do at least once in their lifetimes. A crash (could be literal) course about physics and your physical skills and limitations. 😉 Fun times. 

Towards dinner I thought I’d go inside and work on my photos too, like everybody else, but within 15mins felt sea sick. Ended up skipping dinner and taking 2 dramamines. Won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Sitting up on the deck again watching the beautiful almost-full moon reflection on the ocean. Wouldnt change it for the world. As the sun went down on one side, it literally lit up the moon to carry on the light through the night on the other.  

Tomorrow another full day on the ocean closing in on Socorro. Hopefully the winds will be less. How truly tiny we are among the moon, the stars and the grand big blue. If any of the world’s people, even the ones with their huge egos, fell into this water right now, he would barely create a splash… All our personal worries and aspirations minute, pointless and temporary if not making a difference that is noticable by these beauties laying in front of me in full surrender to eachother and the rest of nature. And if we each were able to live our lives just as these oceans and stars without resistance, without any power struggle? No natural change occurs in the ocean unless it’s for the benefit of the whole, nevermind if caused by human impact of course. The ocean follows the moon and the moon follows the ocean to create the magnificent tides, currents and the underwater pro-creation and hunting events to benefit the whole. Neither resisting the power of the other. Imagine a world where jobs, careers and goals had just that criteria – benefit the moon, stars, oceans and mother Earth. What a crazy world that would be. 

THIS is life. This is living.

Thank you for reading my experiences and please leave a comment if there is anything else you’d like to know that I havent covered. Stay in love with nature and our big blue wonder. 💙🐬💙

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