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Clipperton Expedition Day 14

Oh what a day! We all woke up to an amazing view and dive right at the Canyon. Before our dives, we were greeted by 7 dolphins and I dont know how many silky sharks right by the boat. 

After a quick dive briefing from our divemaster Juan we jumped right in. Ripping currents and deep dive? Right here. But the awards were incredible. A schooling group of hammerheads followed by two of the most enormous hammerheads seen coming right into our dive group! The vis and currents made it nearly impossible to get their shots, except of course our group. I didnt, I was too busy trying to hold on to stay over the reef and not become part of the schooling hammerheads in the blue. Then it was the best moment! Two hunting dolphins! 🐬 🐬 one chasing the tuna and the other just going right in front of it landing the tuna sushi right in his mouth! The clicking! Followed by a dolphin dance! I got a shot of that alright, it will be forever on my wall! Then both the dolphins started belly rubbing eachother and we all thought they were going to be mating and wanted to get shots but they went too deep and blue too quickly for us to follow. I guess their morals dont allow them be filmed on action. 

I decided this to be my final dive. The currents and the depths were too high for me to risk feeling sick the entire trip back for 30hours. I got my dolphins and I got my hammerhead sighting. Mission accomplished for Socorro no need to push it. The majority of us are feeling the diver’s ears… our balance a bit off as it is, and I dont think I’ll get my full hearing back until 2020! Time to get ready for the return trip.

The team had one other dive at the canyon where they reported seeing nothing this time. 🐬 💙The dolphins know Im not in the water no need to come by. 😜 

Then we moved to The Boiler for the last two dives. The boat anchored right over top of the site and we were able to see the washing machine right from the boat. Just wow. Nope. Last time I was here this was much calmer and easier to ascend. With the way my ears are today this wouldnt be a good idea. I skip. I say unless if the ocean wants me in today she’ll send a superpod of dolphins and I’ll jump, otherwise we go the other direction. 

Geronimo the Zodiac master of Baja took me, Pascal and Elaine for a ride of a lifetime through the San Benedicto rocks. And when I say through, I mean right through them. The 60meter plus formations rising from the ocean breaking the greatest blue waves into white misty foam. We can clearly see how earth was formed, step by step one lava layer over a lava layer at a time. Incredibly beautiful, humbling and awe inspiring. We are but a tiny little speck next to them. Their ‘small’ broken off pieces are at least 20times our size sitting by the water line staring us down. Their colors changing from a sandy yellow to a golden layer met with a rusty looking outline. Line by line. As if drawn by hand. Geronimo referred to one spot as ‘the moon on earth’. Truly. 

Photos to follow, I couldnt risk taking my phone on the zodiac in case we fell in the water. As soon as Im back on land I’ll share some close up shots. Until then I share the shots from the boat. 

After that amazing ride it was time to start packing up the dive gear as we waited for the divers to come back from their last dive of the trip. No dolphins. One manta. Good call! 

A refreshing special Piña Colada by Anna, cocktail hour sharing conversation with Jean Francois, Pascal, Patrick and Sandra. We cant believe we’ve been together 24/7 for 2 weeks straight! Can we match a few more days back on land? This went by too quickly. What an absolutely amazing group! Perhaps a few more days in La Paz? We shall see. I fly out on Wednesday while a few of the others have another week in the area. Life works it all out somehow. 

Thank you for reading my experiences, please leave a comment if you want to know about something I skipped. Stay with love with mother nature and our beautiful blue and wishing you a plastic free day! 💙🐬💙

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