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Clipperton Expedition Day 16 – Final

Back on land! Land land land! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Woke up bright and early after sleeping practically the entire day yesterday. So truly deeply bitter sweet. 
Geronimo shared his family photos with me this morning over the last time we’ll be sharing the best coffee on the boat that he makes. The big difference is he doesnt have to be cleaning and clearing this morning and can just enjoy a pure conversation. His photos are beautiful a testament to a life well written and lived in Baja. 
People started waking up and joining us about 7am. The sight of land and just the calm stillness of the boat in the harbor a relief to all. 
Our stories drastically changing about what we will be doing next. How do we stay in touch? When do we go to San Diego, La Paz, Quebec, Columbia, Florida, Vancouver, France, NYC, UK and New Caledonia? The world so small seems so big all of a sudden when we’re saying our goodbyes. 
Living with anybody 24/7 anywhere is a good bonding time, but on an expedition like this on a boat through wellness and ill, discovering and exploring together while enduring indescribable heat and heartbreaking views is something else. We dont all like eachother, all of us different, but we all love and care. Clearly. Such an amazing group. 
At 9am we were finally kicked off the boat, extremely kindly 🙂 to wait on the dock and hotel for our luggage to be unloaded. They’ve never had so much luggage on the boat before, ever. Hehe. 
All of us making great use of wifi just in time for mother’s day. All moms were called, remembered and heard. Then it was the usual connecting back to reality time with everybody checking email and the necessary social media as we awaited our shuttles. Each hug and goodbye sealing our bonds forever.
A few of us staying in Mexico for the next couple of days will be traveling together to La Paz and hopefully Cabo Pulmo in search of more underwater imagery – perhaps the odd young out of season whale shark or the sea lions.  If nothing else, beautiful scenes for the next film on the mysteries of our nature. 
This has been an experience of a life time to say the least. Surely will be spending many more days and weeks reflecting on all that I’ve learned and seen as I go through my photos. 
So very glad that I had the blessed opportunity to have this experience. Thank you to all who helped along the way and a special thank you to Jason for that one momentous push. 😉 Forever grateful.
Thank you for reading my experiences, please leave a comment if you want to know about something I skipped. Stay with love with mother nature and our beautiful blue and wishing you a plastic free day! 💙🐬💙

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