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Clipperton Expedition Day 2

A beautiful sunrise started the day. Being the first and only person to rise at 530am when there is absolutely no reason. The wifi was good enough to post about Day 1, even the photo loaded! 

The sunrise today (Day 2) was absolutely crazy! Couldnt get enough photos just doesnt reflect how ‘full’ it felt. Our sentiment was that it felt like you could reach out and just hug the sunrise. Yea well, we are that group. 

The ‘normal’ ones started joining us about 7-730, majority only after 9… A delicious breakfast with a special vegetarian frittata and patatas bravas (💖 Elena) and some non-veg options for the carnivores on board. 😜 The time between breakfast and lunch is always blurry, seems to fly by very quick. We didnt do anything but follow a couple of Socorro red footed boobies by the boat and it was lunch time already.

After a hearty lunch with another delicious veggie soup it was some down time. Reading, napping and sharing stories about some fabulous underwater photos. Im getting the impression the best of the best dont enter the photo contests cause they’d wipe everything out. 

About 3 our deck hand Geronimo came running into the dining area ‘dolphins!’ We all ended up by the captain’s quarters, right in front of the boat, just two dolphins completely at play with the boat. Skipping, jumping, sliding, skimming… this is how it’s done. The best part is when they go just far enough away so they can see us. 💙🐬💙They lent the way to some colorful flying fish which then invited two beautiful masked boobies. 

Oh we were all hands on deck, quite literallt, shooting so many images! Just like a dream, nothing beats that pure joyous moments of fully grown professionals hooting on dolphins and birds! Photos to follow…

Then it was time for the best part on the journey – presentation on what to expect underwater at Clipperton, where to be, what lenses to take etc. The sharks are the key. The water will be warm 80-84degrees! Imagine? But we are asked to wear wet suits still in case gellies etc. Michel and Julie are hopeful to find some adult scalloped hammerheads, or else to document additional juveniles that will indicate Clipperton as a shark nursery. We are tasked to capture the shot and record depth and size of the sharks we see. Aside from the sharks we can identify many other fish, Alex and I decided to go macro after the first couple of dives. Last year 47 types of fish were identified, this year let’s aim for 70! 🙂 

Just before dinner we had a very informative and inspiring presentation by our resident red head scientists Meaghan and Sean about their initiatives against marine debris. We walked through in full detail the way they will be setting up the studies on the island and what we will do to help them. Such passionate, kind, young and knowledgable couple – they will change the world – you can see it in their eyes. We will be removing the debris from the island and taking them back to Mexico to give to a high school to inspire kids to make something useful out of them as part of a creativity and innovation contest organized by Oscar, another Marine Biologist on board who is from Cabo. No plastics are used aboard this trip. Heaven!

Dinner and after was just loud and very fun! 🙂 Lots of stories and infinite laughter with this group. We even missed the sunset we were laughing so much! Haha. 

And happy 29th birthday to our magical chef Felipe! Such dedication on the water, making sure we are fed, full and happy even on his birthday. Thank you Felipe and wishing you many more delicious plates to come! 💙🎂🎉

Days on the water with nothing in sight could not be any better. 

We now have one more full day and then half, we’ve passed Soccoro on Day 2, and now are over half way there! 

Sail on! 

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