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Clipperton Expedition


The Clipperton Rock and a Boobie nest
A dream, an awakening and one of the best experiences of a life time. Thank you N2Pix for organizing and giving me a spot on this rare and humbling expedition! 
So honored to have been part of what I will always remember as the best trip and team ever formed! The team was made up of the best international group of marine biologists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, journalists, shark experts, marine debris experts and land scientists. 
Clipperton Masked Booby bird – 
At this point I’m still living through each dive and each walk on the island, savoring, reflecting and noting the experiences. The beauty of our planet, the mysteries of the underwater and the wildlife we rarely get to see are beyond the limits of language. Our impact as humans, in the middle of nowhere, 900 miles from the nearest soul, indisputably heart wrenching. 
The dire conditions and the urgency for action as clear as the turquoise waters of the ocean. 
Every single experience and mission we had was unforgettable: I got to measure, touch (and even whisper to) sharks with the best shark expert on earth, raising my appreciation even more towards these very misunderstood, abused, over-hunted and vulnerable beings. We removed nets and lines from the reef, collected marine debris, changed shark tag receptors, etc. 

Clipperton Reef – Leather bass

Sharing some photos that do not do justice to the beauties of Clipperton. The blue footed, brown and masked boobies were the highlights of life outside the water. The unusual coral formations, baby Silvertips , Galapagos, eels and the leather bass the highlights of underwater. Not to mention the great currents and surges, but no real photos of that. 
Stay tuned for photos of the darker sides of the island. It is overwhelming, our connection and responsibility to life 900 miles away from the nearest human – no words sound adequate at the moment. The images etched into my mind are sure to be with me forever with every decision I make fueling my passion for being humane and change. 
Unusual, untouched corals of Clipperton – 
All I can say is I am more determined than ever before on this path. 
Forever grateful. 

Images taken under special permit # HC/1485/CAB

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