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Getting Ready for the Trip!

This is going to be exciting! After a long time of unknowns, catching up to things that were left behind from my insane past 18 months, contemplating destinations and purpose for the trip and the blog it seems to be coming together. 
My first thought was to do Galapagos Islands and go south through Latin America first… I was excited about doing the Galapagos. 
Then I found an expedition  to swim with humpback whales in Vava’u. An island group belonging to Tonga, that I have never ever thought of before. Going there would be great – as I have heard over and over in the recent past that especially around Fiji there are many issues related to recycling and plastic pollution on the beaches and islands. Swimming with the humpbacks just is a dream for sure on my bucket list. I can already anticipate the burst of joy when I first get to see and hear one in person, considering that I was almost going to pass out by just spotting the whales on the whale watching boat down in Dana Point California.
The intention of my trip is to get as much exposure as I can for the different conservation projects, what is working, what are the challenges – maybe even be lucky enough to contribute to some efforts – get ideas from island nations about what might or might not work. See the impact of the changes on their lives, cultures etc. Hear their thoughts from them. Just explore with an open mind – be in an area of the world that I’ve never been to before, the culture and everything looks different even from the internet! 
After Vava’u – my next destination is likely to be Fiji – with some exciting activities! I will post once everything is confirmed. 😃 From there, it will likely be New Zealand for a few days – since I am in the neighborhood, and then off to see the Great Barrier Reef and get some underwater photos of both the good and, anticipating, the bad.. That should take me into September maybe even October and ready to head into Bali. 
Bali is a destination that I would like to spend a couple of months in and contact the different conservation projects that are underway there. The changing of the cultures with the Manta Rays and the volunteer opportunity in Raja Ampat to implement a recycling program with a local community. 

But keeping it all open for now – as things change every time I speak to a local over there. 😃 

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