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Here I go!

And finally the day is here!

First flight from Newark to Los Angeles. A 30min delay, giving me enough time for a glass of wine 🙂
Oops I think that’s about finished 😉 
So last night… Had an absolutely amazing time with my dear friends and neighbors! 🙂 We had a crazy storm pass through NYC and decided to stay in. Then the universe decided to say Happy Birthday to me… ❤️

Could it be any better than that? 🙂 
Well got back home about 10 and continued packing. A few hours sleep and managed… 
At the end I gave in and stopped putting too much pressure on myself about taking only a carry-on. In all reality I could have. But I like to be prepared for the different climates in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga… Not to mention having the appropriate attire between Tonga and Fiji. Especially my ‘exploring’ week in Fiji. I have my hiking shoes as well – in case I get a chance to go hiking. 
And of course this song on the soundtrack… (Blogger isnt allowing me to embed the video through the app… You’ll need to click) 🙂 
Safe trip to me! Sayonara!! ❤️

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