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How “even” Beach Cleanups make A difference

How “even” Beach Cleanups make A difference

Look at the difference these projects have made in such little amount of time. When you say “it’s just a beach cleanup, everything will be back again tomorrow” Remember these…
Also think about how much awareness is raised from these activities?
4Ocean – 2 years, 600 tons, $20/lb. These guys are amazing. In less than 2 years already removed 1.4million pounds of trash from the oceans. That’s 600 tons.
Mr. Trashwheel – 4 years, 1000 tons, ~$40/lb. Since 2014 – removed almost 1000 tons from just the Baltimore Harbor. It’s changed the face (and the smell) of Baltimore. Cost is ~ $250K the first year and then ~ $120K for maintenance every year after that including the infrastructure to remove and process the waste collected. This cost then could be higher or lower, depending on the infrastructure that might be available. How awesome would it be to see this type of investment in the Hudson, in a few different areas?
Here’s a single person who initiated the largest cleanup on the planet and cleaned up over 11million pounds!
96 months, 5500 tons, $priceless. In India’s Versova beach clean-up Shah started up the cleanup, nobody got paid, they all volunteered their time and 5500 tons were removed in 96 months!
And for the first time in 20 years the Oliver Ridley turtles came back to the beach, laid eggs and hatched and 80 of them headed back into the wonderful ocean! As if thanking these wonderful people and celebrating collaboration and humans!
These are just Top 3 specific cleanups that have been successful at causing waves in the mainstream media.
There is also the Ocean Conservancy annual cleanup. In 2017, across the globe in one day, they removed 10,000 tons of trash. One of the most eye opening and impressive statistic for Ocean Conservancy is how in one day over 780,000 people come together for just the one cause and remove 10,000 TONS, nearly 10,000,000kgs of trash from our ocean.
When we arent out to make a name, a profit, or whatever for ourselves, but are seriously working for the good of the planet – being human is then just AWESOME.
Photo Credit: Hindustan Times via Coastwatch KZN

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