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Plastic Bags Banned in NYC Starting March 2020
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Plastic Bags Banned in NYC Starting March 2020

NYC is now the third state to ban plastic bags following California and Hawaii. Even though the state ban took about 5 years of discussions and negotiations, the State still passed a ban rather than a fee.

  • What you need to know:
    • Ban will take effect March 2020
    • Grocery stores will be banned from providing plastic bags at checkout.
    • Stores will have an option to opt into a 5cents per bag paper-bag option.
    • Grocery stores will still provide plastic bags for produce and at the meat counter.
    • Restaurants will be able to provide plastic bags for take-out. (what about delivery?)
    • Dry cleaners and newspapers are a couple of the exceptions in the policy.

Some questions: While this is a great win for the State, ocean, and environment the exceptions are still raising questions. Why allow plastic bags for produce and also for restaurants at check-out? Given the number of New Yorkers who do get take-out what type of an impact is this going to have? Most bodegas also have deli counters – will they count as take-out? If delivery is not allowed to use plastic bags, then why not provide the same alternative for take-out?

We are curious to see how the bill will be enforced, monitored and improved moving forward.

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