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Plastics 900 miles from the nearest human

You’re all aware by now of the plastic pollution problem in our oceans. As we continue to dump thousands of tons of plastics daily into the big blue the issue is becoming more noticeable and more areas daily. Last week even the mainstream media covered the amount of plastics that were uncovered in Henderson Island – another remote island in the middle of the pacific, though more south. Surprising it would have been then, if we hadn’t found plastics on Clipperton. 
The beauty of the island quickly dissolved as we stepped foot on the island. The shock was verbalized by each of us. Even if we were expecting it, seeing it was different. It was horrendous, devastating, BS, monstrous, cruel, barbaric… it was just shocking. Words failed. We knew we were going to find plastic pollution, that is why some of us were on the expedition to begin with. But this? Seeing this?
There was everything. I mean every thing. Here’s a generic photo of just the tiniest little patch – just to make my point. 

See below for a list of photos. We need every single person engaged and not side tracked by the devastating photos.  It is devastating, I’ve been overwhelmed and deeply depressed for months trying to wrap my head around the issue, even before I saw Clipperton, I get it. You don’t have to see the photos. 
But you DO need to accept where we are, where we’ve brought our planet and the state our magical Earth is in. If you don’t want to see them, don’t scroll down. I’ll leave you with the thought, and post more about where we go from here tomorrow. 

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