Be part of the solution for a clean ocean and healthier future! Join us.

Pledge to stop using single use straws. Straws are not recyclable –
and the good news it they are not necessary!

Switch from Plastic to Reusable Bags

Just in Suffolk County New York – after one year of banning the plastic bag the city announced reduction of plastic pollution by 1 billion bags! 1 Billion. It makes a difference.

Instead of Balloons use other alternatives in parties! Not only are balloons not recycleble, but they land in the ocean/waterways after being released.

The world reached using 1 million bottles an hour globally in 2018. Though bottles ARE recyclable – only 9% of them were recycled due to recycling habits and limitations.

BYOC – Bring your Own Cup!

The world uses about 16 Billion Coffee cups a year. Bring your own. Don’t be a statistic.

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