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The times are changing. Daily we see news about some plastic ban, environmental decision, beach clean-ups, switches to more sustainable products, etc. We’re working to transform the way humanity approaches business and consumer decisions.
Transform how consumers act and freely choose the products they want to buy. We’re calling for big companies like Coca-Cola to stop providing plastic bottles – since for the majority of the communities who buy the products there are no recycling, and even waste management solutions. The bottles end up in our waterways and in our oceans. Through poisoning the very thing that gives us life — water, we poison ourselves and our future generations.
As many communities start announcing they will be switching to glass bottle return services, banning plastic cups and packaging, some businesses seem to be going the opposite direction.
Snapple. A company that has been doing a lot of good on the planet and in NYC via funding school programs and scholarships. They invest in the Closed Loop Fund. They recycle about 85% of their manufacturing waste – a huge feat in the industry known to produce waste in the thousands of tons. They provide healthier options to students, and adults, promoting low sugar and more natural choices in glass bottles with aluminum caps. 100% recyclable. 2017 – Snapple decides to go in an archaic direction – use plastic bottles rather than glass. Plastic has been proven to leach toxins into juices and drinks that it holds. How much of an economic benefit do plastic bottles pose for the company? And, why did the company decide to make the change now?
One of the major things that Snapple recently started investing in is the Closed Loop Fund – dedicated $5 million over a 10 year contribution to it starting in 2017. Snapple Dr.Pepper is already a producer of millions of bottles a year through their brands like Dr. Pepper, 7Up, A&W RootBeer etc. Investing into a closed loop system in plastics should not mean to wash away from an already in practice better alternative: glass bottles.
Aside from $$ savings of a few cents per bottle – a SpecialChem article indicates only marginal additional benefits for the company to switch to plastics:
– Plastic weighs a pound less than a case of glass bottles (yes 1 pound)
– Plastic bottles can be made in house at Snapple from a pellet rather than the glass bottles that are manufactured elsewhere and shipped to Snapple, saving them some more $$ on operational costs.
One argument I saw FOR the plastic bottles was around the “ease” of recycling plastic vs. glass? If we look at the processes end to end there is no ease in recycling plastic. Plastic is never recycled back to it’s original quality and plastic NEVER biodegrades. Plastic is toxic to everything it touches and to every creature that eats it. Glass on the other hand is never “lost” – it never loses it’s quality through the recycling process. If glass makes it’s way into the ocean, it disintegrates until it turns back into sand. It has no toxic effects to the environment. If the point is about saving on weight and making sure that the recycling is easier then the obvious choice should be aluminum rather than glass – it has the highest recycling rate, the lowest recycling cost and the lowest weight.
Every plastic that has ever been produced still exists on the planet. In our oceans. In our food. In our drinking water. How can saving a pound from the shipping weight actually outweigh the amount of harm done? Does their “business sense” really overpower your kids’ health and the future of our only Earth?
Your voice matters. Our voice matters – it’s time for us to make sure that the manufacturers understand that we get it too. It’s not all about their profits, it’s about the future of our children and the planet.
Sign this petition here to urge Snapple to go back to Glass bottles. And MOST importantly, do not buy single use plastic bottles for any of the manufacturers. They are bad for YOU and the environment. And still more important if you do for some reason buy them, please PLEASE be sure to recycle and recycle properly.
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