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Socorro and After

I’m now back from beautiful Los Cabos and the Socorro dive trip. I will have reviews on all of it in the next few days. 
It was simply spectacular. The dives with the mantas, dolphins, sharks and octopus… Hearing a male humpback whale that was so close we could actually “feel” his song before we heard him. This trip really helped me a lot to take action. From all the trips this was the one to kick me in the butt. Now I realize how much I overestimate things and people. Some things are just not as difficult to achieve as I seem to paint them in my mind. I tend to see things others are doing as being perfect, that in reality, aren’t – but they just keep going – no reason for me to have a perfect plan to start. I know the priorities it’s just a matter of focusing and avoiding the small distractions. So – don’t take on side “consulting” projects that dig me into a rut and take up my time away from my goal. Not for a few months anyway.
I’ll be staying in NYC for a while now, until I start making traction on my projects and keep me focus. I’m currently together with a few very experienced individuals on both the resolution for the plastic problems on small islands and Travel Planning. Each passing day I can see that I’m going to end up doing both, just not sure of details yet and how the logistics are all going to work out. But it will, I know.  😉 
Meanwhile, in NYC I’m focusing on spreading the word on plastic pollution – answering the stone age question every body is asking “why should I care?” and the more on point one “what can I do about it?” Implemented a plastic bag recycling in our building (that’s over 450 apartments) and the building behind us that’s another 350+ apartments. I’m working on 3 signs to use across the NYC subway system – approached the City line to see what it would take to post these on the subways to educate New Yorkers about where NYC plastics go and what it means to them. The more people I speak with the more I realize the lack of action is usually due to the lack of knowledge and information. Many people – many – get curious about it once they hear about the devastation. It is true, out of sight, out of mind. People in the cities don’t have to think about the garbage and the waste – they all just get taken away for them. Majority of people who even see the garbage barges on the Hudson wont turn around and ask where they go and what they are. They mostly assume it’s some industrial thing moving around. 
My better articles on answers are on my Medium page

Every day is busier for me, and every day I’m feeling so much better!

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