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South Pacific Continues – Fiji

Here in the South Pacific one major problem seems to be connectivity and mostly the availability of WIFI to the masses. Some locations actually do have good connectivity but the majority of places do not. They are very limited in the bandwidth and consistency. Not sure why this is, but seems like a major room for improvement. 

Anyway – now I’m in Fiji currently staying at a Farmstay. The main reason being to learn about Coral Restoration projects and Coral gardening from a world renowned marine biologist who’s led many coral restoration initiatives around the oceans of the world. He’s now developing a plan to plant and breed hardier corals every year so they can survive higher temperatures. In addition, he’s also developed a wonderful Permaculture farm in the middle of Fiji that introduces self-sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices to the area. So in the next few posts expect to see much about Sigatoka, farm life in Fiji,  an amazing European-Fijian family and of course corals. I’m right in time to start a new project with the team! So very excited and grateful about it!! 

If anybody said that travel should challenge your limits and take you outside of your comfort zone, I am absolutely in the best place ever for that! 😃 Sleeping in complete darkness in a little cot on the farm with many “diversity” around me – including IN the cot, complete with an outhouse, cold shower in the outdoors, completely “open” kitchen plan coupled with the rule of not killing anything… Dubbed the city girl from my first night here already due to my irrational fear of spiders which are plentiful in the neighborhood. Then again there are the lizards who take care of them – which are my new best friends. We all need to face our fears at some point right? Well yep the present time it is then. Ayyayy… the things we do for our passion… YIKES! 
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