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A technology to take recycling to the 21st Century... Why waste?

  • No more “non-recyclables”
  • Recycle plastics #3 through #7
  • Process contamination up to 25%
  • Already operational in Australia
  • Goal:  Introduce to US in Hudson County then scale


➔ Environment

➔ Economic

➔ Community & Individual

We work to keep the plastics that are already here out of the environment and in the local economy – reducing carbon emissions, landfilled waste, and environmental impact.

Isn’t the answer to AVOID plastic?

Yes it certainly is! Especially single use plastics! We aren’t against plastic – we just know that there is an intended use of the material that is not how we’ve been using it in the last few decades. 

Recycling doesn't work, right?

Recycling hasn’t worked because it’s never really been developed to handle what’s there. The processes and technologies used are from the 70s and 80s, with just a few improvements for increasing volume. Not to mention the undeniable PR problem: communications have been inconsistent at best and confusing, people don’t know what to recycle and how. 

The HOW and the WHAT has never really been developed and applied.

Why not just stop producing and leave recycling alone?

We need to reduce the production overall and STOP using such a durable material for “single use” products. At the same time we have this valuable resource here, we’ve already invested time, money, and precious resources to create it.  We have an option to put this to use for the world and humanity – wisely. 

Ok so we can keep producing as much as we do and more?

Definitely not our goal and intention. The production of virgin plastic still causes harm and whatever is produced is all still here. We already have too much!

Then what does this technology enable?

Diverting what’s already here from landfill and responsibly reintroducing to the economy. This technology provides a new channel to capture and re-cycle materials – another avenue towards a circularity for, especially, non-single use products. And we can take care of single-use products that are being phased out. 

We say no to single use plastics. What about all other plastics?

Backpacks, toothbrushes, phone cases, earphones, electronics, polyester fabrics, etc. Everything contains plastics that are not recycled in today’s common recycling facilities. They contain high quality plastics -a valuable resource that can still serve communities after their product life cycle.

What are some specific areas it can be used?

Diverting what’s already here from landfills is our number one priority and mission. Wether local or national, after making a commitment to reduce plastic waste, most businesses still continue to produce waste until they are ready to implement a new solution. There is nothing they can do with coffee cups, lids, caps, etc. This technology allows turning those items into valuable materials for use in important projects from infrastructure to walkways to seats etc. 

Who should consider using this?

All businesses and municipalities who make a commitment to reduce their plastic waste and divert from landfill. It’s a full cycle approach though – our partners consider their entire supply chain and not just landfill diversion. We work together with them to analyze their footprint from beginning to end – what is produced, purchased, used, and what can be replaced. And we setup the processes required to collect and turn them into products that will serve the communities.

If you’re a Municipality, Sorting Facility, or Retailer who would like to reduce the plastic “waste” and turn them into a “resource” for you

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