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Tonga Touchdown!!

Finally! After a 24hr delay in LAX due to issues with United (lots more on this later) and a total flight time of 26hrs I am finally here! That kind of distance, the time zone must be closer to Mars’: 17hrs ahead of NYC! 

I cant load photos at the moment since the wifi is not fast enough to upload them 😳. The tiny airport terminal and the crowds at the 2 lane immigration next to the baggage claim sign definitely required me to capture the unique experience. Even better were the sweaty guys in red tshirts walking on the baggage claim carousel that only held 10bags at a time trying to get the bag each person in the crowd was pointing at. It was nothing short of a fabulous chaos at baggage claim! 🙂 Each of us foreign passengers were just laughing as soon as we realized what was happening. To my surprise my baggage got there before I did and they had it right by the wall! When I said I was looking at the purple one the guy’s eyes lit up and jumped over the carousel and yelled out ‘the lady we’ve been waiting for!’ Lol. Seems like a fun island to me. 
Just got driven to my hotel for the night and will be doing an island tour with a driver. It apparently takes about 3hrs to complete a full circle drive around the island. Let’s see. Charging my camera and having a lemon lime coconut drink  at a table on the wood porch overlooking the ocean. Can’t complain! 

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