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Where do we go from here for plastic pollution?

So where do we go from here? We are the ones who created this mess and we are the ones who can and will get ourselves and our planet out of it. There won’t be a magic wand showing up anytime soon. It’s us – you’ll be surprised the power that YOU, and each of us, have. 
We become more aware. The situation is becoming ordinary, expected – it’s being normalized. There is nothing normal about having plastic pieces in the fish that you eat, let alone the water that you drink. I hope you don’t ever doubt that. 
We realize the power we each have in our decisions. Every time you consume something, you support something. The purchase either adds to the problem or helps with the solution. Not a single company or organization today is neutral. Not a single one of us are neutral. I hope you never doubt that either. 
We use our voice and place service demands and expectations on industries, companies and organizations. Before we make excuses on their behalf, such as ‘they’ll only think of money’ we need to demand they’re more responsible. They are the ones who make the profits, they know its detriment, they SO do – and they have for a very long time. They hide behind the profit machine. We help them get away with taking our money while they’re harming our health and backyards, very literally. If they’re to make profits, they need to take on some responsibility. 
We make smarter choices. Yes, ideally, it should come from the top – but hey see the above two points. Instead of sitting on our hands and living like we’re in Stepford Wives or pre-programmed as in Brave New World – we act and be otherwise. Can YOU say no to the next plastic bag the grocery store is going to give you? Can YOU say NO to taking the banana, lettuce, cucumber in the bag?
We stop justifying our habitual behavior. Those darn KCups aren’t recyclable and they are not the tastiest coffee ever. They’re the most expensive coffee you’ll ever find! No they’re not a necessity and it actually looks horrendous on your counter top. Taking your own cup to the coffee shop or using a french press at home is not too much work. 
It’s time to “Be the Change you want to see in the world.” Stop with the “what ifs,” and the “but, but, but…” Plastic cups and lids pollute and are unnecessary. Take your own reusable mug to the coffee shop this morning. Take your own reusable utensil set. Buy things in bulk by placing them into your own jars or canvas bags. Carry a reusable shopping bag. You know that company isn’t doing what it can to make a difference – don’t buy from them, instead support Green companies. Write in to the companies you do business with, ask them to make the change, and that you’re removing them from your preferred shop. Maybe 1 person will not get a response, but 100 will get their attention. No matter how big they are. 
It’s a bit of work to set up maybe, but once done it is one of the most liberating and most empowering feelings ever.
So how to start in our day to day? Next. 

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you have any specific questions and suggestions! 
Stay with love with mother nature and our beautiful blue and wishing you a plastic free day! 💙🐬💙

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