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World Ocean’s Day!

Happy World Ocean’s Day – June 8, 2016!!

The many small steps we can take to make a difference that counts. Just imagine picking up that one single cup lid? Or placing the plastic bottle you saw standing by the entrance into the recycling bin. That would make at least one albatross very happy.

Though ocean’s definitely deserve a day to be celebrated, they need to be protected every day. Can you take some time today and think about one small little change you can make to your day that will help reduce the waste that might reach the seas?
Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Eliminate the use of plastic bags, or take all plastic bags to the proper collection bin in your area.
  • Pledge to use your own reusable coffee cup for your morning coffee or tea. 
  • Use a reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle, rather than purchasing bottled water. 
  • Ask your restaurant to “hold the straw” next time you’re eating out. 
  • Ask your favorite delivery place to keep the plastic cutlery when you’re ordering in. 
  • Always refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Enjoy our beautiful oceans! 🙂 

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